A Hero for the Environment



By: Bai Sheina Balabaran – Kusain

Adat-Betad,Inc. – Volunteer Member, Research Team

Teacher I – DepEd, Cotabato City

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert – Philippines



Nowadays, responding to physical and social environmental problems is one of the trending issues that brought the attention of every individual into more concern and aware citizen of its community. The endless needs and selfishness of men’s towards personal interest have been prevalent. The environment has been abused and deteriorated by people activities resulting to hazardous effects brought about by people itself.

Global warming, climate change, pollution and natural life imbalance have been the centerfold of the unconcerned practices of human in different sectors of the society, like local and industrial communities. On the other hand, the unconcerned and abusive lifestyle of men brought change to our mother earth. Unnoticed by some, change had become the man antagonist of our Mother Earth, not because it destroys the environment, but because it arouses the greater demand of damage. Technology is brought about by change, and to be able to support such great leap, our environment will be the one who sacrifice on it.

Modern society will find no solution to the environmental problem unless it takes a serious look at its lifestyle. Today’s modern lifestyle is demanding too much in our environment. Maintenance of such a living is tantamount to the reality that humans have to cut millions of trees, scrape all the animals cleans and summon flash floods and death through illegal logging. Like the waves driven by the hands of fate, our lifestyle is only driven by our discontent and greedy longings. The call for responsible and responsive citizenry for the benefit of our environment is a great essence; the responsive answer can be done by the thinking and notion of “balance”.

Indeed, environmental problems are not only question of physical degradation, but also emphasize to our social weakening. The environment serves as the mirror of reality that reflects our morals current status.

The idea of balance is the key.

Achieving betterment in our lifestyle is always profiled by technology. Alongside with it is the reality that our environment blatantly abuse. In this sense, the concept of balance is crucial factor. Reciprocating the gifts of the Mother Earth will promote ecological growth and the continuum of our natural resources.

Upholding the primacy of life is great battle that has to be won. We, as the direct recipient of the environment should be the sentinels to guard the future, doctors to sustain life and catalyst for the rebirth of the new world that is comprised of people that are waking for the common goal of preserving and protecting our Mother Earth.

National Awardee 2015

National Awardee 2015

As a teacher/ educator, I’m so eager to share and be involved in the advocacy to save the mother earth. That’s why I make a difference and teach to the children the importance of saving the mother earth. I’ve been so lucky to be on this situation.

Guided by the Teachings and Principles of the Student’s Actions and Vital for the Environment for Mother Earth Movement, it is always been a challenge to be a responsive and aware citizen of our community, but it is also an opportunity to help and serve our Mother Nature in our own way, context and perspective, and for me, that is what a Hero for Environment now and beyond.

Regarding on the Microsoft Program I’ve used here, Movie Maker, Autocollage and MS Word were just so great! No words to express more how grateful I am to the Microsoft for the success behind all my efforts. SALUTE!



More actions – Less words!

Bai Sheina B. Kusain,Teacher at Cotabato City Central Pilot School

I’m teaching Character Education, Mother Tongue (L1,L2,L3) English, Science, Geography, Filipino, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Arts and Health in one whole day period. With 66 number of pupils this school year 2014-2015 ages 7-13 years old.2014-12-01 14.50.15 2014-12-02 15.11.08 2014-12-02 15.11.36 2014-12-02 15.26.06 2014-12-02 15.31.50 2014-12-05 09.47.24 2014-12-05 09.47.54 2014-12-05 09.48.02 2014-12-05 09.48.34

My teaching career started September 2012. Before accepting this noble profession, It took me a lot of time to think and enter it kindheartedly. At first, I worked at the Local Government for almost one and a half year. Then, someone called me up and asked for help to be a substitute teacher in grades 4,5,and 6. I didn’t refused thinking, It will be the start of everything. Next in line, received again a call to be not a sub teacher now but a volunteer teacher of grade two pupils for almost three months. With no hesitation again, I accepted the challenge.

Being a teacher, was not difficult. So easy to handle and happy to be with the kids. Everyday laughing and learning not only inside the classroom but outside”real world” scenarios.

Blessed of me to be part of this Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. As far as “we” go, on and on, learning and eagerness to learn is always running in our back.

As the quote says,” Always appreciate what you have, there is someone out there who wishes that had what you have.”

Bless are those in the righteous part. “Sajahatra” Everyone!

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Computes 11 subjects every grading period is not an easy task to do manually. No doubt, everybody is using Microsoft excel. Without it, we can’t finish important reports and especially in my case, grades. Imagine writing and computing 11 subjects every grading period with 66 pupils in a room? It will take months to finish the report and that’s what I called exhausting.

           Through the gradesuse of Microsoft Excel, computing the grades of my pupils becomes so much easy and it only takes me two days compared to the traditional one – writing and computing manually with the help of a calculator.

One of the important features of Microsoft Excel is that it calculates directly and gives the solution – automatic.

Training proposal

Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education

Division of Cotabato City

Cotabato City District I


Cotabato City





  1. Rationale:

“Technology alone cannot build 21st century skills for students. It is an accelerator but the power of change lies within educators.” – Anthony Salcito, Vice President-Worldwide Education-Microsoft.

Research shows that innovative teaching practices, along with access to technology, supports student acquisition of 21st century skills. These skills are vital for students’ success and can only be acquired if educators transform education through the effective use of technology for better learning and student outcomes.

Microsoft offers a range of professional development programs for educators through Partners in Learning Network (Pil-Network) to bridge the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching. They reach beyond traditional software training and provide a scaffold to help educators of any skill level on their learning journey. Microsoft gives educators the knowledge they need to impart 21st century skills on their students and deliver exceptional student outcomes.

In this training, educators will have a foundation of digital literacy skills and train them to apply the knowledge and skills in the classroom. The 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) will help educators use a research-based methodology to enhance current lessons base on the DepEd Kto12 Curriculum and create new ones that elicit 21st century skills in students.